Parents should always keep their kids active with some fun games which help them in brain development. When it comes to autism child the fun actives help them a lot. As they won’t be interacting with other kids and other family members. These kinds of activities for Autism children prevent them from falling into depression and reduce anxiety problems. So parents should help Autism children with crafting games. That develop their self-expression and increase identification.

Lets us have a look at the 7 fun sensory activities for Autism children that help them in brain improvement.

1. Sensory Bottle

It is a very simple and effective activity for an autism diagnosed child. Firstly take any old plastic bottle. That is in good condition without any bends and holes. Later fill the bottle with clean water. To these water add few glitters and food colors to grasp the attention of the kid. To these, you can even add small marbles and buttons by dropping them inside the bottle. This particular activity helps your kid to stay focused.

2. Coin Rubbing

Classic activity for the autism kids which even makes parents involved. Take a collection of coins at the home place it on a table on top of these coins place a white sheet. Take the different colors of crayons and start making patterns on the white sheet by rubbing the crayons on the coins. These classy actives help the autism child to understand the hand and eye coordination skills. Moreover one can even ask their close friends and relative who travel aboard frequently to bring coins from other countries so that they can even explain the place.

3. Threading necklace or bracelet

Another interesting fulfilled activity takes a few candy laces for the creation of a beautiful necklace or bracelet from the candies and food grain. These particular activity sharps the motor action of the kids. Help them by encouraging them to thread the candies and colorful food grains with holes to form a beautiful color bracelet or necklace. By the end of the activity, they will be very much delighted with their own tasty and colorful creation.

4. Sensory Collage

This is a simple and messy activity to make autistic children to tactile towards textures. As we all know a child who diagnosed with autism finds the overwhelming to come in contact with too many textures. Hence, You make a collage at home with the available items which are new to the child. Like glitters, clips, aluminum foil, and so on. In this way try to introduce textures to your child slowly.

5. Ice Painting

The best fun activity for your autism kid. These attract the curiosity of the child with Incredible designs and colors. Firstly take an ice tray and pour water, next place different kinds of wooden designs. On top of it pore the different colors of paints and watch the amazing painting art create by your kid. Once the ice becomes solid.

Note: This an exclusive summer fun activity for Autism child.

6. Smelling Game

An interesting and helpful game for the autism child. Take a jar and fill it with different fragrant powders. Like Lavender, rose, and some perfumed soap. After filling the jar container with fragrance close the jar with the piece of cloth with the help of a rubber band. Later ask your child to smell and identify the flavor. Most of the autism kids love exploring their senses.

7. Magical Matching Game

This game helps your kid in enhancing their learning, also gives you a perfect picture of their learning at school. The game goes like on a table place around 7 to 9 printed names of the fruits, vegetables, and animals whereas on the opposite side of the table place the picture of these things in random order. Ask your child to match accordingly.

Try to engage your autism kid in games. Try some of these or all of these above-mentioned activities for Autism child. These simple games help them to enhance their senses at the same time helps them in brain development.


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