Childhood plays a major role in any individual life. Hence understanding the behavior of the child is an important part of parenting. As we all know parenting is not an easy task but one makes it wonderful by loving their kids even with defects. Not all children in the world are blessed with good mental health. Autism in a child is one of the major concerns among parents around the world nowadays. The child who is suffering from Autism requires special attention and care. To make them comfortable and also should be given a chance to lead a life according to their liking. Before going into early sign first lets us learn about Autism

What is Autism?

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a disorder that affects the child’s life in two major areas which are social interaction and deficits in communication. Other common symptoms one can see in the child who has this condition is restricted or repetitive patterns of behavior through the hand movement or the leg movement.

Another common question that arises is the reason for this disorder?. There are multiple reasons for this condition to occur in a child. To know that one has to do a proper medical test to the child who is diagnosed with this disorder. Few reasons are genetics, the problem in childbirth, toxic chemical substance release in the brain, and so on.

An early sign of Autism in a Child

Many parents fail to notice Autism conditions in the child before 3 years which can be treated. Even help children have a normal life with support. A recent study shows that one can easily identify Autism in children within 12 months to 18 months from their birth.

The most common sign is eye contact when you play or feed or talk with them. A child who is born with this condition struggle to make eye contact with parents when talking with them.

Another common sign is getting no responses from them when their name is called.

Unable to intimate others or pretend like they are busy with playing or other things.

Few kids speak very little without eye contact whereas few they won’t even utter a single word just monotone.

Another sign which parents misunderstand as children play repeating the same word or same action like hand flapping and so on.

Kids who have autism will have a problem in recognizing others and also understanding their expressions.

Life of a child with autism

It is quite difficult to say exactly how a child diagnosed with autism has a life as it varies from child to child. Few children will grow up with exceptional intelligence in the field of their interest. For instance, a child with Autism may even outturn normal children with intelligence. However few have struggles to face throughout life.

There are few myths like vacation given to children that cause Autism which is totally ruling off based on recent research. Besides this, the boy child is more affected than the girl child. Autism in the child requires proper support from their parents. Early detection helps the child to have a normal life. Besides this, a child with ASD also has cognitive impairment.

Note: A child who carries on with normal activity but lacks social interaction does not have Autism but may be subject to a social communication disorder. Many parents get the wrong impression regarding these. It is always better to consult a doctor for a better opinion.


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